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This is surely the worst it gets, right?

This week's recommendations!

Galebound - What happens when you take intentional communication failures, mix them up with someone who can literally sudo over your free will, and add magic?
Galebound. I enjoy it immensely -- the tension's wonderful, and honestly, it's a great lesson in "Poor Communication Kills."

Heart of Keol - Heart of Keol is a story about... a lot of things, honestly. All of the main cast has lost people and things (both tangible and not) dear to them. Will they get to the literal (and metaphorical) heart of things and heal?
...These boys need hugs.

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R - Are you in the mood for stories that break the fourth wall, make a ton of puns, and show off what happens when you overuse magic without training? Look no further!
SGKDR is a delight to read - and I'm sure you'll at least get a chuckle, if not a hearty belly laugh through a readthrough of it.

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