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Well, the chapter's over.
There's a few newsworthy things as of late:
‣ I added a bunch of stuff to the Gallery! Go look at things. Check out the creators! :D
‣ I bought a new domain name -- so please use for accessing the site now.
‣ HTTPS has been enabled. Soooooo, that's an option.
‣ As I did at the end of Chapter 2, there's going to be a few 4koma, posting once every other week, followed by a Q&A where the normal schedule resumes.
4koma pg 1: Oct 6
4koma pg 2: Oct 20
4koma pg 3: Nov 3
Q&A 1: Nov 10
Q&A 2: Nov 17

I've honestly been busy IRL lately so I'm glad to have the break. I'm also considering shifting the update schedule to Tuesdays rather than Fridays - but of course, let me know what you think in the comments.

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