Interlude - Pg 7

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All right! Chapter 4 is starting right after this! Woo? It's all roughed out, sitting at 30 pages or something.

If I'm able to, I may temporarily update more frequently to get through that chapter. No promises, but it is a goal. :D

Few housekeeping points:

-I'll be switching to Tuesday updates soon! Chapter 4's title page will go up on Friday, January 19, with the first page of actual content on Tuesday, January 23. From there, updates'll be on Tuesdays from now on. Sorry for any trouble!

-Archive Binge! You can find an entry for Linked there:
If you're familiar with Comic Rocket, this is basically the same concept -- you can track comics from multiple sites with one service.

-Those of you using RSS readers -- I humbly request that you update your entries to point to (or re-add the site). I will be removing's DNS entry around February 15.
Why? DNS and SEO shenanigans.

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