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What are they doing, having a contest of who can make the worst decisions?

Also, are you looking for some other comics to read? Here's some of my latest recommendations from friends and other cool folks (links open in new tabs/windows):
McCall on Call - College dorm life meets film noir! Hank's an RA who, while being a nice fellow, isn't about to put up with shenanigans. And oh boy, are shenanigans about to ensue.
Black Ball - Emily's recently suffered a loss in the family, but the circumstances are suspicious... After beginning an investigation, she starts to learn about the world of illicit spellcraft and substances~.
Rainy Day Dreams - Tristan's gotten lost in another world inhabited by all sorts of powerful beings and monsters, called Strangers! Read along as we learn more about Tristan's new friends, Mara and Michael, as well as about the world and the people who live there...
KhyatiX Comics - Draco's got a ton of projects going at any time, but it is definitely worth a look to see which project on their site piques your interest~.

...Okay! I'll share more recommendations next week! :'3

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