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This weeks' recs are a bit more lighthearted!

Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana -- A scholarly dig is interrupted by a surprisingly discovery... But what does it mean? And why do the Miakarna want to keep it quiet? This comic does a great job of mixing interpersonal interactions with continental-level intrigue... And it's only getting started!

7" Kara - A tiny girl finds out that humans aren't just some sort of mystery... What's she going to make of it? Kara is a heartwarming story, and if you're into stories about family and discovery, you may just find yourself right at home reading this comic! 7" Kara is also an all-ages comic, so if you've got younger family members, it may be worth reading with them!

Moonlight Apparition - Jason's lost his memories, but finds out that he's got... magic? And he's the wielder of some sort of legendary power? Moonlight Apparition does a great job of balancing its drama with lighter-hearted character moments, and is worth a readthrough!

Altar Girl - Ashley Altars is attending the prestigous Catholic School, Saint Tail Academy! Unfortunately, her everyday life gets thrown for a loop when she runs into a boy who's been dead since the 1920s... And his companion angels. They want to help her, but what does this really mean...? Hm!

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